Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sheikh Muhammad Sa’id Ramadan Al-Bouti

Sheikh Al-Bouti is the leading Islamic scholar in Syria. He is a retired Dean and current professor at the College of Islamic Law at Damascus University. Al Bouti preaches very often and is highly respected by many of the leading scholars in the Muslim world.

Traditionalist Scholar

Sheikh Muhammad Sa’id Ramadan Al-Bouti is the scholar’s scholar, and the bulk of his influence comes from his position of respect and authority among the leading thinkers in Islam today. Al-Bouti is a keen supporter of madhabs (traditional Islamic schools of law), and is one of the leading critics of the significant movement to abandon these schools. He also is vocal about how a poor understanding of the term jihad has led to its abuse by both Muslims and non-Muslims. His view is that those who are unaware of the basis of fiqh have manipulated the idea of jihad for their own benefit, underlining that jihad must be conducted, according to Islamic fiqh (jurisprudence).

Prolific Writer

Sheikh Al-Bouti has made an impact on the Muslim World, in particular through his scholarly outreach. He writes for news publications and journals, and has developed a reputation for his ability to address and respond to queries regarding Islamic jurisprudence, and personal issues. Al-Bouti denounced the protests and called on protesters not to be driven by anonymous calls to incite sedition and chaos in Syria.

Anti-government scholars have critics him for not overtly taking their side. He has resolutely refused to leave Syria.



  2. imam shaheed bouti,اللهم اغفر له ولنا ببركته