Monday, 4 November 2013

Reply to slanders of CIFIA Correct Islamic Faith International Association (Hyderabad,India) - Video

CIFIA, Correct Islamic Faith International Association  in Hyderabad, India misguide the Ummah by spreading lies and Fitna that Shaykh Abdullah Dagestani (R.A) is fake. This is the Maqam of Shaykh Dagestani in Syria, I do not think Syrian Muslim would ever entertain fake Shaykhs, as the Holy Prophet (Sallallahu A'la Muhammad) had a good view about Ahlu Sunna of Syria in authentic Hadith, also the land of Abdaals and place of the graves of 1000s of Prophets. Please take some time to go through the Video Below and this Video is a strong refutation against their several lies and slanders against the blessed Saheihk of the Naqshabandi order. May ALLAH SubhanWaTaalah protect our faith from such Fake Islamic Sunni Fitna Groups online.

Reality of Grand Shaykh Abdullah Faiz Daghestani RA - Video