Friday, 17 May 2013

Shaykh Lasani Sarkar (Haji Sufi Masood Ahmed Siddiqui)

Shaykh Lasani Sarkar is a renonwed religious leader of Naqshbandia Succession, Head of Mashaikh-e- Uzzam Organization of Pakistan and a well known spiritual personality of this epoch. Haji Sufi Masood Ahmed Siddiqui alias LASANI SARKAR is serving for protacting human kind and Holy Sunnahs of the Holy prophet (P.B.U.H) and preaching islamic teaching and the carrying lamps of spirituality in this epoch of materialism, lust and avarice .He has visited many countries for preaching .The circle of this disciples is not only scattered in Pakistan but in America, Canada, Britain, Dubai Masqat Saudi Arabia and also in rest of world.

Shaykh Lasani Sarkar (Haji Sufi Masood Ahmed Siddiqui) is a straightforward disposition and good-natured individual. Hospitality is his prominent habit. He talks and meets others having a smiling face. His generosity established fact watching his conduct and behavior individuals are won to him.

He solves the spiritual problems of individuals even eminent spiritual leaders and saints deal with him for disentanglement using their spiritual hindrances. Whatever forecasts political varieties he earned came true sentence after sentence. People come here with lots of other issues to become solved. 1000′s and 1000′s of individuals have convalesced here from various illnesses as well as the patients of illnesses like heart attachs, sugar, t . b, bloodstream pressure, cancer etc. declared incurable through the doctors came and Lasani Sarkar graciously eradicated their illnesses through spirituality.

Lasani Sarkar continues to be making a deal for individuals owned by any sect or religion who don’t admit “Faiz” (spiritual munificence) arrive at him and inside a month they’ll find conspicuous verification of “Faiz” by holy being and they’ll be fully satisfied & will observe true road to Allah (God).

Whatever is presented as “offering” to him he provides it with off to poor people and desperate. At his “Aastana” (threshold) each time “Langar” (meat) is shipped.

He’s nazim-e-ala Salat Committee All Pakistan. Sarbrah-e-Ala Tanzeen Faizan-e-Lasani Sarkar All Pakistan and founding father of Lasani Welfare Trust. Under this trust poor, the widows and also the desperate are assisted in the “Aastana Alia Lasania 39/4 Ghulam Rasool Nagar, Faisalabad. The establishment of the free dispensary along with a library by which religious books can be found are and accessory for his services to mankind.

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