Sunday, 19 May 2013

Shaykh Hazim Abu Ghazala

Shaykh Hazim Abu Ghazalah was born on 3 march 1933. Nablus (Palestine), and is now currently living in exile in Amman, Jordan where he serves as the Imam, Mufti and head of the Jam-e-Yatu Darul Quran institution. Shaykh studied journalism at the University of Damascus and thereafter Islamic Sciences and graduated in Shariah (Islamic Law). Shaykh also comes from noble decent whose lineage can be traced directly to the prophet (saw) via his (saw) grandson Imam Hussain (r.a).

Whilst at university, Shaykh Hazim was initiated by the late Shaykh Al-Hashimi (r.a), the prominent Shaykh of the Shadhili Soofie order and thereafter continued under the tutelage of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Isa (r.a) of Aleppo. The Shaykh also has numerous ijaza in many sciences of deen from other shuyukh.

Shaykh is known to fast all year round except for the prohibited days for the past 50years, alhamduliah. Shaykh is also hafithul Quran and completes a khatam every 2nd to 3rd day with a large portions being recited during tahajjud, this irrespective of being at home or abroad. Thus, since the war in Iraq and the state we find ourselves in, performs tahajjud in ja’mah in order for us to re-connect ourselves to the Allah, the sunnah and the quran. Insha-Allah

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