Saturday, 18 May 2013

Shaykh Moez Masoud

Shaykh Moez Masoud  is the Founding Director of "Al-Tareeq Al-Sah" Institute

Millions of viewers in the Arab world tuned in to watch Moez Masoud host his first Arabic show, "Al-Tareeq Al-Sah" (The Right Way) in late 2007. Masoud filmed on location in Cairo, Jeddah, Istanbul, London and Madinah, an unprecedented feat for a religious TV program. The twenty part series tackled poignant youth-related issues like drugs, alcohol, and gender relations. It also dealt with sensitive issues like homosexuality and the roots of terrorism. The show manifested Masoud's strong grasp of both traditional Islam and post-modern philosophy and lifestyle, eradicating the many difficulties and misconceptions that arise when amateur attempts are undertaken to marry the two. Almost instantly the episodes were uploaded onto YouTube and other websites, and were downloaded over 1.5 million times by fans worldwide.

Masoud's initial media appearances sought to invite Muslims to live a successful contemporary life while embodying their religion's core spiritual teachings. He began by hosting two English programs," Parables in the Qur'an" and "Stairway to Paradise". The shows have received much enthusiasm as they addressed Muslims living in the West who struggle to understand and apply the traditional message of Islam in its most contemporary form.

Upon graduating from the American University in Cairo, Masoud began a career in media production. His 15-minute directorial debut on the need for mutual understanding between people of all faiths was viewed online over one million times and was praised for its conciliatory efforts. Masoud's efforts have attracted critical acclaim and sparked healthy and much-needed dialogue between activists all over the Arab world regarding the need for Muslim religious discourse to absorb much more of the contemporary world than it currently does.

In parallel, Masoud underwent an intensive study of Islamic sciences under renowned traditional scholars for over 5 years. His studies have taken him to many cities in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries in search of the purest and most authentic sources that convey the inner, esoteric spirit of Islam as well as the orthodox understanding of its Sacred law.

Masoud is regularly invited to give lectures and lead workshops and his travels have taken him from all over the United States and the United Kingdom to Malaysia and Australia. His various efforts worldwide have attracted substantial coverage by both Western and Arab media. Recently, Masoud was invited to join the distinguished list of panelists on the 'On Faith' online forum, hosted by The Washington Post and Newsweek, to participate in regular discussions centered around faith and religion.

Currently, Masoud appears live and weekly on the talk-show, "90 Minutes", which broadcasts all over the Middle East.

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